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Product Description

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is the 2013 version. For 2015, please visit here:

This spreadsheet is not designed to tell you which players to pick. There are a plethora of websites/magazines/television shows out there that already do that. Rather, this spreadsheet is a tool to help drive informed decisions on draft day to make all those other suckers in your league pay you their hard earned money. While your buddies are getting lost in the 20 sheets of paper they brought to the draft and asking you in round 7 if anyone\'s picked Adrian Peterson yet, you\'ll be tossing back beers with a look of sheer confidence on your face knowing these dummies don\'t stand a chance against your squad.

This Draft Kit is based off of your own personal player rankings and will let you quickly see who your top available players are when it\'s your time to pick, as well as letting you know whether the other players in your league are likely to pick that player in the upcoming rounds. It updates the latest results from ESPN\'s mock drafts in order to give you an idea of when players are expected to be drafted. That way, you\'ll be aware of when you need to pick a certain player to avoid wasting too high of a pick or waiting too long and missing out. Upon picking players, it will show you the teams that share bye weeks with that player to avoid loading up your team with players having the same bye week.

The spreadsheet\'s got too many features to list here, but check out the screenshots below to get a feel for it. The spreadsheet can be used for as many drafts as you like. You merely clear the draft board after each draft and the spreadsheet resets itself to be ready to go for the next one. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Enjoy and good luck!

Demonstration video here:

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