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Product Description

This is a powerful tool for tracking OEE by production line. It is designed to be used on computer or printed out and placed on the production line for the operator to track start and stop time, standard rate, and actual quantities by SKU and the tool does the rest.

This simple OEE calculator can be used by shop floor operators to track and report their own OEE daily without having any Lean background or experience.

Start times and changeovers are tracked automatically and OEE is calculated based on just a few basic inputs. Efficiency by SKU is reported as well as pie charts for aggregated SKU efficiency and overall OEE.

This tool is complete with a section for tracking downtime by event with comments and duration. This is an easy-to-implement but complete tool for tracking and managing OEE by line.


Auto Display Table Updating

Automatically calculates changeover and planned downtimes

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Automatically shows SKU efficiency and OEE performance

Includes Results Summary

Shows simple summary of line performance using charts and tabular data

Unlocked for Editing

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