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Product Description

This spreadsheet has the ability to spread costs DYNAMICALLY over time in four different curves: a Bell Curve, Flat Curve, Inclining Curve, and a Declining Curve. Once a line item total is entered the beginning and ending period of the costs may be entered to dynamically spread the line item total over the entered amount of periods beginning and ending in the chosen periods. In addition once the periods have been established, the user can change the shape of the curve to accurately model the rate that these funds will be spent over time. The Inclining and Declining curves are merely half of a Bell Curve or Normal Distribution Curve since Excel does not have a formula for the inverse of the function EXPONDIST. This spreadsheet or the formulas therein are meant to be a tool inserted into a larger spreadsheet or proforma. This spreadsheet was originally created to model development costs over time in a commercial real estate development to accurately calculate interest carry for costs incurred over the course of the development and construction periods.

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