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Product Description

This is the upgrade to the popular Downtime Tracking tool with added functionality for calculating downtime by machine and by shift and clearly reporting the shift's performance in pareto and pie chart format.

This highly functional and user-friendly spreadsheet simplifies the process of tracking and reporting downtime in an actionable format. It allows you to easily build your production process into the spreadsheet by clicking buttons and keying in the following variables: Machines, Production Lines, Downtime Reason Codes, and your specific products. It is set up to allow you to keep track of and follow up on this information:
Date, Shift, Product, Area, Reason Code, Comment, Minutes Lost, Corrective Action, Preventative Action, and Work Order Number.

The spreadsheet collects all of this information using dropdown boxes or manually input text. The data is stored in an easily manageable database format so that you can sort and filter the information and generate custom reports and create new information.

This spreadsheet also presents the downtime data in pareto charts so that you can easily identify your areas for greatest opportunity. All you do is press a button and the data is organized and pulled into the charts automatically. Its an overall great tool and performs as well as programs that cost thousands of dollars. And since its in a spreadsheet, you can add on and manipulate the tool any way you want. Its the perfect enabler to your existing or future Continuous Improvement Program.


Includes Instructions

Includes Results Summary

Displays results in a printable format of pareto charts

Unlocked for Editing

Includes Macros

Incudes macros that add new items, new rows, update graphs, and activate new entries

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Automatically generates graph that shows downtime by month and the percent improvement or erosion from previous months

Auto Data Analysis

Automatically sorts the downtime data and presents it in pareto style so that you can easily identify your areas for greatest opportunity

Push Button Chart/Graph Updating

Pareto charts are updated by pushing a button and automatically displays the date when the chart was last updated

Includes Graphic Data Display

Includes charts that show downtime by month, shift, product, machine, and reason code

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