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Product Description

Determine the value of any home! Simply type in the features of the home you want to compare and the template will automatically generate market value based on the comparable properties in your area. It will also tell you how long the home is likely to be on the market and how much the home is likely to be sold for.

Useful for real estate professionals as well as individual owners and buyers!


Includes Tabular Data Display

Enter in the features & the spreadsheet will do the rest! (enter text in the fields marked with yellow)

Includes Macros

Detailed results from what the home is worth to the projected number of days it will spend on the market.

Includes Instructions

Includes 3 tabs - Home Information, Adjustments & Graphs

Includes Graphic Data Display

Graphs automatically update based on what is entered and your individual real estate market.

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

The table will update itself as your data is entered

Unlocked for Editing

Enter your personal information and local data as you like

Auto Display Table Updating

Once you have entered the data, check the Graphs tab for individualized graphs!

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Instructional text included.

Auto Data Analysis

Macros will automatically determine values based on what you input

Includes Results Summary

3 tabs to choose from!

Ratings & Reviews

There are 2 reviews posted on this application.


Posted on February 12, 2014 4:20pm

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“After reading the above review I was hesitant to buy this program but after trying it I was pleasantly surprised.

It\'s not the most refined program I\'ve ever seen - but what it lacks in style it certainly makes up for in function. I find myself using this all the time to evaluate homes, not only that I sell but as research for buyers as well. Much cheaper and just as functional as the high cost, professional software/subscription products available.

Simple to use and highly functional. ”


Posted on August 9, 2013 1:36pm

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“Product as initially download wouldn't load at all (in Excel 2007). After I informed Calvin Williams of the problem, I received a revised copy via email, which—at least—opened successfully. However, product is very unsophisticated, and certainly NOT worth more than a couple of bucks at most! Caveat Emptor!”