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Product Description

This Whitepaper provides a detailed assessment of why American manufacturers struggle with Continuous Improvement implementations such as Lean, Six Sigma, Agile Manufacturing and other initiatives. It discusses how a factory's Operating System, which consists of all of the policies, practices, management protocols, and other systematic processes are designed to meet immediate production needs but don't support Continuous Improvement.

It covers topics such as:

- People not being accountable for their area of responsibility
- Issues that could have easily been resolved being allowed to evolve into expensive problems
- Improper machine operation driving up manufacturing costs
- People having conflicting opinions about the biggest areas of opportunity
- Implementing solutions that don't sufficiently capture the improvement opportunity
- ...and many more

It also provides a solution that helps manufacturing leaders to better systematize their Operating System in a way that enables a culture of Continuous Improvement.

Be among the first to download this bluntly honest and candid document showing American manufacturing leaders what prevailing issues need to be addressed and how to address them.

Feel free to share this link with colleagues, friends, or anyone else interested in understanding how to improve factory performance.

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