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Product Description

The Factory Operating System (fOS) is a phenomenal web-based Continuous Performance Improvement system that helps manufacturing companies to:

1) Define Operational Perfection
2) Assess your current state against perfection
3) Focus your organization on performance
4) Track efficiency / performance on an ongoing basis
5) Share success stories across your manufacturing network
6) Highlight the greatest opportunities for improvement for lines, shifts, teams, and products
7) Allow one-click savings calculation for efficiency losses
8) Implement OEE in days
...and so many other great things.

Most manufacturers are less than 60% as efficient as they could be. The fOS shows you exactly where you are and takes you on a journey to operational perfection full of success stories, highlights and other exciting features. It creates a sports-like environment around performance that manufacturing leaders can leverage to take their teams to the championship. It also helps people understand what it feels like to be winning in manufacturing. Its a revolutionary system packed with features that change the game for any factory.

Download the file to learn more or visit to see how much beneficial the fOS and Percent Perfect Methodology® would be for your manufacturing operation.


Push Button Chart/Graph Updating

Includes Tabular Data Display

Includes Results Summary

Includes Graphic Data Display

Auto Data Analysis

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

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