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Product Description

This is an excellent tool for tracking overall equipment effectiveness on an hour to hour basis. This tool will automatically analyze your performance data and present it in clearly understood graphics.

This tool helps you see exactly how much availability you're losing to downtime, throughput losses, and quality losses throughout the course of the shift. It also allows you to enter the reasons for the losses to make it easier to drive continuous improvement. This tool can be used to great effect in combination with the Downtime Tracking Spreadsheet and/or the Maintenance & Downtime Management Spreadsheet, which is also available at the Manuficient Consulting profile of


Includes Support/Help

Developer contact details included

Auto Data Analysis

The OEE performance is automatically calculated and presented in highly visual charts

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Charts showing hour-to-hour OEE performance. You can also show data for today or any date in the past.

Includes Graphic Data Display

Graphics show performance broken out by type of loss

Includes Macros

One macro to allow new downtime items to be entered and sustain functionality

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