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Product Description

Changes are inevitable, but the losses in productivity, safety, quality, etc, can be avoided by using a systematic approach to effectively managing change that include industry-leading change management principles. This tool provides a change management model that is great for any type of business that wishes to sustain or improve performance despite changes that might disrupt performance.

Works well for:

People Changes
Process / Policy Changes
Technology Changes
Product Changes

This super user-friendly but powerful change management tool helps your organization to drive out some the painful efficiency losses that come along with the changes needed for your business to sustain or be successful. Simply enter each change in the form provided and click submit and the changes will be saved in the "in-spreadsheet" database. Then use the "Output" page to recall changes and review or make edits as needed. You can also establish a review meeting to review all changes coming down the pipeline for your organization to make sure they are being managed accordingly.

This amazing tool helps you to drive your change management strategy by allowing you to track who are your key stakeholders and what signatures are required for effective execution of MoC. It allows you to declare who needs to sign off based on the "Type of Change" and then track progress against obtaining all relevant signatures.

Finally, it assigns a "status" of Passing, Passed, or Failed based on the execution of the MoC process. It drives a culture of effectively assessing risk and working collaboratively to ensure the right things are being done to effectively manage change.

But get this!
Not only does this tool provide you the nuts and bolts change management process that you can start applying today, it also helps to build leadership and mid-manager capability by driving a cross-functional conversation about risks and risk mitigation. it breaks down those dangerous siloes and helps everyone in your organization to develop an understanding of the point-of-view from other key stakeholders. This develops overall stronger leadership in your business since it broadens the perspectives of your people.

Here's the kicker:
When I first implemented this tool, one of the most amazing results is that it provides a pathway for anyone in the company to drive the changes that they wish to see in the organization. For example, a line operator can use this change management process to propose an idea for improvement, get it added to the change management master list, have a risk assessment performed, execute the actions needed to implement risk, and secure the signatures needed to move ahead with implementing their idea. For a business that is serious about continuous improvement, it's imperative to implement a system like this that enables everyone in the company to have more ownership and develop the leadership to get the right things done for the business.


Auto Display Table Updating

Submit and Recall the details of a change by selecting options from a dropdown

Includes Tabular Data Display

All changes are stored in a database table for your review / editing

Unlocked for Editing

Make changes as needed to macros, cells, formulas, etc. (experienced users only please!)

Includes Macros

All key functionality is driven by macros to minimize the learning curve and ensure that the process is consistent and efficient

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Automatically calculates your MoC score as a business on a Passing, Passed, or Failed basis

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