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Product Description

Win (most) every time with the ClueDetective! Every time somebody declares, "I suspect..." you learn something about who, what and where that was *not* involved. Enough of these... and the "Who Done It" (WDI) bubble to the top for your final accusation.

ClueDectective keeps track of everything as it helps you weed out the innocent from the guilty. It does this with the following multi-faceted algorithms:

1) Cards you hold cannot be WDI.
2) If Me (your player) guesses and somebody shows a card, then that card cannot be WDI.
3) If another player (1) guesses, and yet another player (2) shows an (unknown) card... if I know the other two are already not WDI, then we know which card was shown by player (2). This newly discovered card cannot be WDI.
4) Remember all who say "Nope, I've nothing." If everybody, including Me, "Got nothing" then that must be WDI. This is done for all guesses (Me guesses, and other players too).
5) If I know all the cards a player is holding, then all the rest for that player are "I've nothing."
6) Nudge the suspects up 10% each time somebody shows one of the three cards.
7) Nudge the suspects up 5% each time a Player suspects three cards, as Players will tend to call upon cards they have in hand.


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