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Product Description

This is a Microsoft Excel Worksheet for multiplying a single dimension in the format Feet, Inches, and Fraction of an Inch times a whole number between 2 and 15. The Fraction of an Inch consists of a numerator and a denominator which must be in multiple of 64ths of an Inch. For each multiplier integer value between 1 and the whole number entered a cumulative distance is calculated and displayed in decimal inches, also a cumulative Feet, Inches, and Fraction of an Inch is calculated and displayed.

This worksheet can be used to calculate the cumulative distances for multiple of dimensions of floor tiles, ceiling tiles, wall studs, or fence posts for the length or width of the item entered. This can be used for anything where a repetitive distance is involved.

There is a clear button or shape for clearing all entries in the yellow filled cells once the sheet has been printed or saved.

This worksheet is password protected to prevent changing any cell formulas which calculate results based on data put into yellow data input cells. This worksheet is designed to be printed out on a legal-size sheet of paper (8-1/2" X 14").

This worksheet should be helpful to Do-It-Yourselfers, Carpenters, Framers, Construction Workers, Contractors, Engineers and Designers.


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