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Product Description

You’ve collected the magazine for years, but how do you keep track of what’s included – or what’s missing – from your collection? Who was Playmate of the Month? How often has someone been featured on the cover? What issue contains the interview for a favorite person? The answers to these questions and many more are found easily from this file. This listing only covers American Editions. Most information from 1953-February of 2015 is pre-populated. Cover, PMOTM, Interview, and 20Questions for example. The majority of data collection has been done for you.
The attached Excel Workbook contains a data tab which includes columns for each of these items. This file was created in Microsoft Excel 2017. This template does not include the Excel product.
What's the value of this spreadsheet?
From the moment you open the file, you can search, sort, or filter on information about each issue. Selecting the Data Tab (at the bottom of the Workbook) displays the rows and columns of information. The starting setup keeps the column headings and first five columns visible as your scroll. Like any Excel spreadsheet, you can add columns for information you want to add, and rows for new issues. Maybe you've got a favorite cartoonist, want to list your favorite specials like Little Fanny Annie or Vargas Girls. Perhaps you want to track cover price, high/low selling price, or how much you paid for an issue.


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