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Product Description

Tired of arguing about money, and what each person owes? One pays for groceries, the other pays for rent, but there's still bickering or fostered resentment. Sound familiar? No matter what the reason, lack of experience with money, differing financial values or communication differences, this is the answer. In today's hectic world we can all use a little help to save us time, be more organized, and make our relationships smoother. That's where my Financial Calculator comes in.
I initially created it as a tool to make things easier for my wife and I when it came to paying the bills. Unexpectedly, we started to notice how successful it was at alleviating our financial tensions. There were no more headaches about what we each brought to the table, and how everything was to be distributed. Just peace of mind. We were so impressed that I started sharing it with family and friends, and now I'd like to share it with you.
Simply input your income and bills, and it will automatically find the percentage (amount) of what each person owes. No more guess work, it's simple, efficient, and reliable. I even added some bonus sections for Notes, Reminders and Additional Calculations to help you keep all your money matters in one place. The perfect solution for couples or roommates of any kind. It is designed for two people who have a Weekly (get paid every week) income to tackle monthly bills, relying on the input of 4 pay checks per month (4 weeks).


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