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Product Description

You can view this spreadsheet online by clicking on the following link: (read only):

This Excel Workbook made to help people Calculate the Profit and Lose in pips. You can add your daily Trades/Deals in the table and automatically calculate your profits and lose pips and that can be (Daily /Weekly/Monthly). Enjoy!

NOTE: Only the mentioned currencies in X Table you can record and calculate in the spreadsheet:

In case you need to add more Currencies / Symbols to the table X , you need to know first which multiplier fit with it and also you need to edit the formula where meet the VLOOKUP and increase it.

For example: in X Table there are 40 currencies which are the most people use and trade in forex, the currencies starts from L4 TO L40 which includes 40 currencies. and it's multiplier starts from M4 TO M40.

and it's VLOOKUP formula is VLOOKUP(C4,$L$4:$M$40,2,0).

So, In case you want to add more currencies to the table, lets say for example you added 1 more currency to the 40 existing currencies then you have to modify the VLOOKUP to :


And you have to find the proper multiply for the new currency which will be one of the 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10000 etc.


- There are 8 Worksheets :

1) Monday sheet: 1st day of trading.
2) Tuesday sheet: 2nd day of trading.
3) Wednesday sheet: 3rd day of trading.
4) Thursday sheet: 4th day of trading.
5) Friday sheet: 5th day of trading.

NOTE: (Date must be entered manually) + (Symbols must be in capital Letters).

6) Weekly sheet: All cells are Auto results (Only the Weeks table in the bottom is manually)
7) Monthlysheet: All cells are Auto results.
8) Weekly Report: All cells are Auto results.

How to record/calculate:

Enter the date first, then go to table and
Enter the symbol.
Fill entry price (required)
Enter one of the types (required): (buy,buy limit, buy stop, sell, sell limit, sell stop)
Enter T/P (optional)
Enter S/L (optional)
And you must Enter the Closed Price to get Auto Results of Profit and Lose in pips calculated.

Once you finish your deals calculated in all days, you can go to weekly sheet and see the NET PROFIT for that week, once you finish your deals calculated in all 4 weeks, you can go to monthly sheet and see the NET profit for that month.

Final sheet is used to know all the deals recorded in a specific day with (only Entry Price and P / L) are shown in the table for each day with NET profit of each day.

If you need anything you can switch to "Contact me" Worksheet for contact's details.



Includes Results Summary

Includes Instructions

Unlocked for Editing

You can edit the formula / Design / for your satisfaction and needs.

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