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Product Description

Sound designers and engineers often have limited time to spec & design a show, and then turn it around for load in and tech. Competing shows and priorities conspire to make the process even harder. Save time and money with this tool to generate your paperwork, and make it easier to pass on direction and tasks to the rest of your team. Communicate more effectively with production staff.

Get your show organized quickly and easily using our multi-page spreadsheet. Automatically calculate things like consumables, and generate printable views for deck engineers and staff. Great for theatrical productions as well as rock tours, this is the same workflow that we at Rocktzar Productions use for our shows all over North America.

We also work with some prestigious colleges and universities in the Northeast, and use this spreadsheet as a teaching aid for our students.

All formulas have been tested to work on Google Spreadsheets as well.

Includes worksheets for the following:
-Contacts and Dates
-A2 Mic Tracking
-A2 Repair Notes (printable worksheet)
-Comm Setups
-Sound Patch (track all of your inputs, outputs, and routing!)
-Sound Patch - Engineer Printout (printable worksheet for techs that autofills from your patch)
-Network Assignments
-Cue Sheet
-QLab Patch
-Strike Plan
-Borrowed Gear Inventory

Save time setting up your show!


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Minimal cell protection used to assist in workflow, no passwords required to unlock.

Includes Instructions

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