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Product Description

This is a great tool for coaching basketball.

As a coach I often found it difficult to deal with all of the variables that could occur in a game. I needed a template that would help me think though my pre-game decisions for the starting line-up, substitutions before the game, but also let me have a cheat sheet of notes on game strategy. I also needed contingency plans for injuries and when players foul out etc... and have them available on one sheet during a game.

This form really helped me a lot!

Here is what it offers:

* Roster: all of your players separated into starters and bench players.

* Starting line-up: your starters highlighted on the top left

* Team positions: Each player's position and/or second position next to the player

* Substitutions: Each bench player is placed next to a starter as a sub by priority

* Half court diagram with position placards for player numbers

Note areas:

* Team meeting: jot down important highlights to share with the team pre-game

* Plays: write down the name of the plays you will be running for the game

* Contingencies for injuries: Whenever there are injuries have a ready made roster

* Offensive: specific things to watch for and repeat to your players in the huddle

* Press: Have a plan for pressing each quarter

* Defense: What kind of defense are you running and which are you using first?

* Defensive positioning: Use this section to draw a miniature diagram and assign specific players defensive assignments

Pre-fill the roster and note areas, leave them blank to fill in by hand, or do what I do and print off the roster and leave the note areas blank.

All the fields are customizable and ready to use.

I hope you enjoy the template!


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