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Product Description

This is the ultimate continuous improvement tool as it drives a culture of CI as long as it is applied and used consistently. All you need to do is input your weekly performance results and the spreadsheet does all the hard work. This tool automatically displays your results for the previous 4 weeks, compares your performance to goal, and compares your results to the results of the previous 2 quarters. This spreadsheet also automatically creates graphs of your weekly results and displays your results against the previous 2 quarters' performance. This tool helps drive a culture of continuous improvement by challenging you and your business to continuously outperform past peformance. The KPI dashboard tabulates automatically and is conditionally formatted so that the results change colors between green and red from week to week based on how you performed against your goals. You can key in your weekly performance manually or set this spreadsheet up to pull information automatically from your established accounting systems. The KPI dashboard and graphs leave space for comments to help explain why the results are what they are. This space could be used to discuss what went well vs what did not go well and steps that will be taken to improve performance.


Unlocked for Editing

Includes Results Summary

Includes Performance summaries in the form of a KPI Dashboard and bar chart graphics

Includes Tabular Data Display

Presents the data in dashboard format

Auto Chart/Graph Updating

Weekly results are automatically pulled into charts showing current vs past performance

Auto Data Analysis

The dashboard is conditionally formatted to show green or red based on how you performed against your goals for the quarter

Includes Instructions

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