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Product Description

This spreadsheet helps you get organized before you go shopping for groceries. It helps you to easily plan your grocery shopping trip because it stores your purchase items, costs, and even the exact aisle where you find the items in the store. Then it calculates the total cost of your shopping based on the tax rate, which you can edit according to your state tax laws. All you do is simply check the box next to the items you need to purchase on this trip and enter the quantities that you will need to buy, and the spreadsheet does the rest for you. It even sorts the items in order by aisle so you don't have to go all over the store looking for things. Then you simply print the list and head off to the store...or send it in an email to your spouse or whoever. This tools helps save time and money because you plan before you shop, which is always smarter.


Includes Instructions

Includes Macros

Sorts your grocery items by store and by what aisle the items can be found. Makes for efficient shopping

Includes Results Summary

Creates a shopping list based on the items that you check off as needed for this trip

Unlocked for Editing

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