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Product Description

The Improvement Project List Spreadsheet is a great tool for tracking your continuous improvement projects to completion. It helps you to categorize your projects by status and communicate the financial impact of each project.

Use this tool to do the following things:
Allocate a status to each project: Completed, In Progress, On Hold, Not Started, and Forgone.
Allocate a initiation/due date, owner, cost, savings amount, and comments to each project
Automatically shows a summary of projects by category
Filter your list by any category header
Add a new project simply by clicking a button. Keeps formatting, and calculations, and keeps your spreadsheet looking clean

This is a great tool for your current or developing continuous improvement program. You can easily intergrate this tool with a periodic meeting (perhaps weekly or bi-weekly) to help ensure that your project ideas are always on the right track.


Includes Macros

Macro adds row for new projects and automatically adds reference number

Includes Results Summary

Displays total costs, savings, and payback years by status category; Not Started, Completed, In Progress, On Hold, Forgone

Auto Display Table Updating

Automatically updates project status information at the top of the screen

Includes Instructions

Instructions are embedded in each cell requiring action

Unlocked for Editing

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