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Product Description

(Questions? E-mail me at Stormpipe Calc is a complete and easy to use storm drainage system design tool that utilizes your local IDF curve data with the rational method for pipe capacity analysis to size storm drainage pipes for multiple branch complex systems, calculates the invert elevations and slope data based on designer input preferences, provides key data for hydraulic gradeline calculations (area of flow and wetted perimeter), and provides rip rap apron designs based on the New York Nomograph. The data generated is used for the preparation of construction plans and government submittals and presented on easily printable table data (see screen shots). The tool was created by an experienced Professional Engineer with over 25 years of experience who wanted control over pipe system design verses becoming dependent on cumbersome models.


Includes Graphic Data Display

Includes Instructions

and Example

Includes Results Summary

for Plan Data and Government Submittals

Auto Data Analysis

Includes Support/Help

Includes Tabular Data Display

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Posted on July 24, 2013 10:39am

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“I have used this spreadsheet for the past 8 years on commercial, industrial, military, residential single and multi-family projects permitted through North and South Carolina permitting agencies; including the City of Charlotte. This is a straight forward spreadsheet that is remarkably user friendly and easy to read. I am a big fan of utilizing excel spreadsheets as design tools and I highly recommend this one. It is a must have for every Civil Engineers tool box.