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How to Make Money with Google Docs Spreadsheets

Posted on February 19, 2011 at 10:11am

Google Docs Spreadsheets is an exciting new platform that allows calculating, formatting, and even translating using spreadsheets. Perhaps the most attractive feature of Google Docs is the ability to share spreadsheets with anyone or an exclusive few people online using cloud technology. Cloud technology isn't excactly new but is now becoming one of the buzzwords in the technology world. This is because all computer functions are done remotely which eliminates the need for a dedicated server to perform those storage and computing functions. These remote servers/computers can store files and perform any of the functions that your personal computer can do. This is what allows you to build, view, and manipulate spreadsheets using Google Docs Spreadsheet Technology. It is also what allows people that you invite to be able to access the spreadsheet and view and make changes real time from anywhere in the world. Although Google Docs Spreadsheet has nowhere near the level of sophistocation of competing spreadsheet applications such as Microsof Excel, it has made significant strides to improve in functionality and usability.

Will Google Docs Spreadsheets ever be a real contender against Microsoft Excel?

Google Docs Spreadsheets has a few distinct advantages against Microsoft Excel. First of all, its internet-based, which adds its own set of advantages and disadvanteges. Second, its a Google product, therefore it has a surplus of supporting products and services to leverage and grow with. However, Google Docs Spreadsheets is just a baby in terms of development compared to Microsoft Excel. Excel has saturated the world and people are reluctant to change away from something that has worked so well for them for so long. The other thing that Excel has going for it is that it can always find a way to leverage cloud technology, almost eliminating a huge part of Google Docs Spreadsheet's competitive advantage. In fact, Excel can already be used in a web-based format so its already not far off, and maybe already there.

So back to the question: How do you make money with Google Docs Spreadsheets?

The answer lies in the fact that spreadsheets, expecially when you get to higher degrees of functionality, will always be better built by skilled spreadsheet developers. The average person with limited spreadsheet development skills will never be able to make a more robust and user-friendly spreadsheet than someone who knows what they are doing and has the talent to build great spreadsheets. Paying for and using a great spreadsheet is more economical than wasting time using an ameteur designed spreadsheet, especially when it is used frequently (depending on the price of course). Even for a function as simple as grocery shopping, a well-built spreadsheet is more helpful and this more economical than a poorly built spreadsheet (or not having one at all).

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Here's what you do to make money...you must be a skilled spreadsheet developer to begin with. If you're not, you should work to develop your skills well beyond the average consumer. Identify a market need and develop spreadsheets around those needs. Use any spreadsheet program that Google Docs Spreadsheets can open and build your spreadsheet and upload it to Excelville.com. In the file title, description, or keywords, mention that the file is compatible with Google Docs Spreadsheets. Price the spreadsheet accordingly and start earning. None of this costs you anything. You can also include eye-catching screenshots and an engaging demonstration video. If you can sell one spreadsheet for $2 in every country in the world, you would make a fortune.  

Happy Selling!

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nice information, that I have in Excel customized spreadsheets , thanks

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