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Greetings friends and fellow spreadsheet designers! 

Excelville.com is a spreadsheet application marketplace that helps spreadsheet designers and sellers generate income from thier talent. The site allows you to upload your pre-designed spreadsheets in all major formats including Microsoft Office Excel, IBM Lotus 1-2-3, and Apple iWork Numbers, and allows others to download for free or for a price that you control. The site charges no fees. You retain ownership of the files you upload and give the buyer a licence to use. You also give the site permission to sell the file. You earn a 70% commission for each time the file is downloaded. Essentially, you can simply create an account, upload your spreadsheets, and start earning! You will benefit from the site's marketing efforts as well as your own; and the site provides you with tools, templates, and techniques to help drive buyers directly to your portfolio of spreadsheets. All uploaded files are searchable from Google, Excelville.com Search, and other powerful search engines based on the descriptive text and tags that you use when uploading the file. The site provides the following features and much more:

- Professional web presence without needing a domain name, website hoting, or website maintenance

- Profile page that displays your portfolio and a unique URL so that buyers can go directly to you

- Seller Resources that help you to generate traffic to your profile and spreadsheet pages

- Upload screenshots and video to help buyers get a better feel for the design and capabilities of your spreadsheets

- Upload a profile image and a biograpy so that visitors can better understand your qualifications and expertise

- Transaction history on your dashboard showing when and how many files are downloaded, as well as how much you have earned

- Social networking links that allows visitors to easily spread the message about your spreadsheets

One of the goals of the site is to continuously provide income generating opportunities for expert spreadsheet designers. Feel free to browse the site and provide feedback on how it could be improved to better serve you.


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