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I am a part time online marketeer. I do sell item online through my website as below. I do write a lot but not in english medium, mostly in malay language. I have a certified certificate from Microsoft for the MS Excel Specialist program. I have creating a lot of spreadsheet tools to solve a lot of problems for my client. If you think you need my assistant, please drop me an email at or contact me and I will try to solve your problem.

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DICE GAME You need a dice to play this game. Each player may roll the dice once and after 6 round, the accumulate point will be calculated. You can type the player name and choose the dice point in the game. enjoy!...

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You may wanted a potential person in your company and suits your type of business. Then this spreadsheet is what you need. It will tell you the strength and weaknesses of your candidate even he/she have not yet hired. Additionally, it also highlighted the person suitability with your company in...