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Product Description

This is a simple spreadsheet that you can use to track the amount of hours you are putting in at the office. It works off of a set of macros so that all you have to do is click a button when you clock in and another when you clock out and the spreadsheet keeps track of how many hours you worked. The data is stored in a clean format so that you can do further calculations for yourself. I got this idea from Spreadsheet Cafe and noticed that noone had uploaded one to this site yet. I just thought that this was an awesome spreadsheet that anyone can use for one reason or another. I'll offer this one for free and a more advanced one that automatically puts all your data into graphs and shows how many hours you're working per week and per month and some other useful calculations.



Push Button Data Collection

Push the Clock-In and Clock-Out buttons to input your data

Unlocked for Editing

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