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Product Description

This is the easiest spreadsheet you'll ever use to track your work hours. All you do is click a "clock-in" button when you start and a "clock-out" button when you're done. The spreadsheet does the rest for you including:
Graphing hours worked per day for the past 2 weeks
Average hours worked per day over the past 2 weeks
Graph the hours worked per week for the past 2 quarters
Graph the average hours worked per week for the past 2 quarters
Display the number of hours worked to date this month
Display the total hours worked in the past month
Display the number of days worked to date this month
Display the number of days worked in the past month
All of the hours tracking information is neatly laid out in a database format so that you can copy and paste the data and perform your own calcuations to get more information. This is a really good tool for contractors to track their hours or any other working person who wants to know how many hours they are investing in their careers or other projects


Auto Chart/Graph Updating

All metrics tracked automatically. Shows only the most current data

Auto Data Analysis

Automatically performs calculations such as average hours worked per month, week, or quarter

Push Button Data Collection

Clock-in and clock-out buttons automatically enter the present time into the spreadsheet, which powers all other calculations

Includes Macros

Macros enter time data into the spreadsheet

Includes Instructions

Unlocked for Editing

Includes Results Summary

Results are displayed in graphs and table showing month hours tracking information

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