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Product Description

Use this spreadsheet to track, evaluate, and priortize the ideas generated through brainstorming or any other means of recognizing opportunities. After you have performed the crucial step of generating ideas as part of the continuous improvement process, you will need a system of evaluating those ideas. This spreadsheet helps you to clearly outline what your values are as an organization and then evaluate each idea against those values. Use this spreadsheet to do the following:
Input the core and other organizational values
Assign a weight to each value
Add an unlimited number of ideas to the spreadsheet
Evaluate each idea against the organization's values
Automatically calculate a score based on how well the idea fit with the organization's values
Push a button to rank the ideas based on their score from highest score to lowest

This spreadsheet provides one of several systematic ways of evaluating ideas.


Auto Data Analysis

Autmatically calculates score for each idea based on how well it fits with organization's values

Includes Instructions

Includes Macros

Macros allow you to automatically copy down formulas and calculations. Also ranks ideas in order by most fitting with values

Unlocked for Editing

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