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Company Bio:

Excelville.com is a website designed for people to sell, share, or download intellectual capital and consulting services. The site launched on January 4, 2011 by company Excelville, LLC, which was founded by Calvin Williams, MBA, BSIE. Calvin recognized a distinct advantage that large companies had in the use of on-staff skilled consultants to help leverage data and analysis to facilitate effective decision-making. Consultants can help manage anything from money, people, time, and other valuable resources more effectively. The site makes this type of talent accessible to all and intends to continue to add services that help maximize the power of consulting in people\'s lives and businesses.

The tagline for Excelville, LLC is \"Excel @ Life\". This phrase embodies the core of the business model of making the resources available to help people do the things they value more effectively. The word \"Life\" in the tagline can be replaced with anything such as parenting, love, business, school, career, relationships, health, or other areas that make up the building blocks of life.

This site is feature-loaded with designer profiles, file ratings and comments, related products, screenshots, demo videos, seller resources and much more. Social networking icons make sharing experiences easy for visitors. Intellectual capital seekers can also find a selection of free downloads to get a better feel for what these resources can actually do for them.

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