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Earn Commission with Excelville

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You can earn a commission simply by embedding yours' or others' intellectual capital into your website, blog, social media feed, email or any other place on the internet that will accept html code. Simply visit the search result, intellectual capital landing page, or profile page that includes the content that you wish to share and click the Embed link. 

This will take you to a page that will provide an embed code for you to use to sell Excelville sellers' products just about anywhere online for a commission. Make sure to be logged into Excelville so that the site can track the click using your user information and ensure that you get credit for the sale. Anyone who clicks the provided embeded graphic and eventually buys (within 30 days of clicking the link), you will receive a commission for the purchase. Excelville will send you cash every month for your affiliated sales. Its that easy.

Click this link to get started. Also feel free to play around with the embed perameters to get the content and appearance that works best for you.

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