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How The Site Works

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Excelville.com is a free marketing resource for people and organizations who offer pre-designed spreadsheets and related products. We charge no upload fees, transaction fees or any fees at all. We get paid strictly on performance. Therefore we get paid only after we help you get paid. This model ellmintes risk on your part and you can only benefit from using our service. You retain all ownership rights to your work and grant downloaders a license to use. You also grant Excelviile.com permission to sell or distribute your spreadsheets. Details on ownership and licencing can be found in our Copyright Policy.

 There are a few ways the site can benefit you as a person or entity that offers pre-designed spreadsheets.

1. For Excelville.com Sellers

Excelville.com How The Site Works for Sellers

2. Also For Excelville.com Sellers

Excelville.com How the Site Works for Sellers Also

3. For Bloggers or Website Operators

Excelville.com How the Site Works for Bloggers and Website Operators

We also provide other services such as Q&A forums, the Excelville.com interactive blog, and blog syndication that allows you to use the site to further position yourself as an expert. This also gives you more opportunities to help people understand the value in the pre-designed spreadsheets that you offer.


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