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Negotiate Projects through Excelville

Use Excelville's revolutionary chat technology to lauch and negotiate custom projects ranging from simple spreadsheet developments to on-site management consultancies. To access this powerful tool:

  1. Start a chat conversation with a client or consultant
  2. Click or have the client click the "HireMe" link from within the chat window
  3. Follow the prompts to agree on the scope of work, price, and terms of agreement

Once an agreement is in place, the funds for the project will be charged and held until the project is completed. From there, the buyer can release the funds from their user dashboards once the work has been completed. They will also be asked to provide a rating at that time.

The buyer also has the option to request a full refund if they see fit, which will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The seller will receive the funds on Excelville's normal pay cycle once they have been released by the buyer. Commission due to the site are based on the buyer's rating of the seller according to the following schedule:

4 bars (max) - 95% commission to seller

2 or 3 bars - 85% commission to seller

1 bar (min) - 70% commission to seller

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