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Screen-Capturing Software

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The following is a list of screen-sharing software that we have compiled for your convenience. Many of the sources listed provide a free download version. Please let us know if there are other good applications that we should add to this lsit.

Also, why not have a demonstration video of your spreadsheet made for you at a low rate of $17.50 per minute of video? This could certainly help to communicate the value in your spreadsheet beyond the description and screenshots. Click here and let us know if you'd like to go ahead and get started.

Screenshot Sofware

ScreenHunter 5 (Free)

Screen Recorders

Auto ScreenRecorder 3.1 (Free)

Jing Screenshots & Recorder (Free and Paid Versions)

FLV Player by Webinaria Screenshots & Recorder (Free)

CamStudio Open Source Screen Recorder (Free)


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