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Communicate Freely with Excelville Chat

Use Excelville's chat or internal messaging functionality to communicate with sellers or buyers through the site. Easily start a conversation with a prospective seller or strengthen key business relationships.



Chat Window

To access this functionality, simply login to Excelville and find the person you'd like to chat with. Select their name in the window on the lower right hand corner of the page or find the "Chat" button on their profile page. 

From there, you can maintain a conversation or launch a project / engagement. 


Internal Messaging

Internal Messaging

To access this function, search for the profile, intellectual capital, case study or other page that contains information about the user you wish to communicate with. From there, click the "Message" button, type your message, and send. This function works similar to an email account that is used for messages sent to and from other Excelville users through the site. All messages are also forwarded to the receiver's personal email account to ensure that they get your message.

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