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  2. Industry: Automotive & Assembly
  3. Area of Expertise: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Process Kaizen & Implementation
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Bustle Design is a consulting firm specializing in improving manufacturing analytical systems by providing solutions for data collection, manipulation, and presentation. Solutions provided will allow organizations to: * Make visable, problems that cost time and money that are otherwise hidden. * Make communication between different databases hassle free. * Implement designs relying on principles such as Six Sigma as well as other lean manufacturing techniques. * Provide complex calculations and graphical representations of factors associated with desired targets. * Mechanical Engineering calculation automation. Bustle Design also provides help with personal budgeting interfaces and small business best practice.

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Projects, Engineering, Performance Measurement

Formats: Excel 2007 - Macro Enabled

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Allows individuals and working groups to visualize all action items they are responsible for. This solution includes snap-shot capability to show job progress at a glance. It also allows for connecting action items to working folders via links with a push of a button....