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TMC Senior Software Consultant based in Eindhoven. I have performed a series of successful "3 day scans" at TMC customer sites where I interview software staff and end with a combined presentation / workshop in which I present my recommendations. I also present regularly including at TEDxEindhoven (July 2016) and coach on presentation skills. My areas of expertise are: - Agile software development - Testing especially improving the test and software quality process - Corporate wikis / knowledge management - Leading change - Making software development more efficient (using eg Lean, Value Stream Mapping & Kanban) - Presentation skills See LinkedIn for full details.

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See the explanatory video below (or here: This is an easy way to simulate Kanban using Excel. You can run the simulation without work in progress limits and then with the limits, to compare the total flow time and the time per individual item. The instructions tab contains link to...